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Graham Projects is a Baltimore-based creative agency making cities more inclusive and livable through public art, civic engagement, design, and communications. Building on his background in public art, urban planning, and advocacy, Public Artist and Creative Director Graham Coreil-Allen produces participatory projects and leads social initiatives in the service of pedestrians and places.

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Greene Tree Agility Trail

Greene Tree Agility Trail



  • Why I support the Baltimore Greenway Trails Network 33rd street median

    Last night I attended the Baltimore Greenway Trails Coalition public meeting regarding their proposal for a multi use path down the middle of 33rd Street. It seemed that most people in the room supported some sort of bicycle facilities connecting the existing Herring Run and Jones Falls Trails. Of the people there, a little over half seemed to support a center-running multi-use trail down the middle of 33rd street, while slightly less than half loudly opposed the proposal. Below are the concerns I heard, plus some facts.

  • Spring 2017 New Public Sites Walking Tours New Public Sites Spring 2017 tours

    Get ready for an exciting spring of New Public Sites radical walking tours in Baltimore City and Arlington, Virginia. Mark your calendars to get lost on foot!

  • 2016: Making Place Happen with People NPS Five Points Denver - Graham speaking

    Since going full-time for Graham Projects I’ve had the honor of investigating, activating, and improving numerous public places in Baltimore and beyond. 2016 was a great year for making place happen with inspiring people. I am thankful.

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