Improving cities through public art, civic engagement, design, and messaging


Graham Projects is a Baltimore-based creative agency making cities more inclusive and livable through public art, civic engagement, design, and messaging. Building on his background in public art, urban planning, and advocacy, Principal and Creative Director Graham Coreil-Allen produces participatory projects and leads social initiatives in the service of pedestrians and places.



  • FGLA Central Ave Announcement-1920px Public Art for Central Avenue!

    Great news! Falon Mihalic and I won the permanent public art commission for the Baltimore Central Ave Streetscape project. We are excited to meet with the project team and neighborhood stakeholders in Baltimore starting next week… #publicart4centralave #FGLA

  • Graham Voting Graham Projects for the Urban Good

    Welcome to the expanded practice of Graham Projects. After ten years of public art and organizing with numerous people and organizations I hold dear, I’ve decided to take Graham Projects to the next level: a full-time livelihood of working with people to enliven and strengthen places. The newly expanded mission of Graham Projects recognizes that improving cities through public Read More…

  • 160105-CitizenArtistBaltimore-Central-ListeningSession-01 Citizen Artist Baltimore

    I’m honored and excited to acknowledge my role helping to co-organize the art voting initiative Citizen Artist Baltimore along with my friend and fellow arts and equity advocate Rebecca Chan. Citizen Artist Baltimore is a non-partisan advocacy effort that is helping to mobilize the creative community in Baltimore City, by providing the opportunity for mayoral candidates to Read More…

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