02 07 – Jenny Baltimore, John Collage and NYC

Here are an assortment of photos I took during February, including my trip to Baltimore, John Duda’s incredible collage project, and a few of NYC.

Jenny / Baltimore

Ah, my beautiful Jenny – always a winner!

This a view of downtown Baltimore from Jenny’s regal bedroom.  She pays jaw-droppingly low rent for a roughly 1000 sqr ft bedroom and studio.  Bitch.

This is the “living room” at Jenny’s loft.  They had a really fun dance party in this space while I was there. 

The fragmented skin of Baltimore.

Baltimore on the move!

John Collage
The following three images are from John Duda’s recently completed collage book.  I will let him explain why he made such a beautiful object.  (that means comment a-hole).

NYC snow

Mulberry Street, Nolita – caked in snow, next to my work.  I found this scene beautiful, but ultimately not that fun – my skinny bike tires could not handle such conditions.

Lafayette Street, with all that beautiful snow turning into filthy, disgusting city-slurpee, ground cover.

YAY, the sun finally came out!  Here we have a remarkable piece of graffiti left on the big plaque leading up the Williamsburg Bridge.  This piece lasted an impressive TWO WEEKS before someone finally tagged over it.  Thats a hell of a long time for one a single piece of art to last on such a prime piece of visual real-estate.

Thats all for now.

<3 Graham

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