03 07 Bushwick Densification Fantasy Map and English Kills Opening

The following is documentation of my “Bushwick Densification Fantasy Map” installtion at English Kills gallery.  My installation consists of a huge map of my neighborhood, Bushwick.  This piece served as an opportunity for me to satisfy my cartographic desires.  I used to play a lot of Sim City, and this sort of art is a continuation of that game in my head.  Basically, I used the existing road/building/landscape layout as a template for developing a fictitious Bushwick city.  I drew the city in Illustrator using an aerial collage from Google Earth.  This drawing was the basis for the wall installation, and also served as a sellable object (limited edition prints are availble at the gallery).  The show was a blast.  I really enjoyed the process of setting up along side all the other artists.

Niki helped by bringing a projector.  We were able to use this to get the drawing started.  However, unfortunately, my first two sets of materials would not stick effectively to the wall.  I had to come back the following night with new, non-dollar-store tape.

The beginning: silver tape means arterial roads.

Growth: medium roads combine with mass transit or bike lanes.

More development.

Paintings by Steve Harding and Judith Supine, in process.

Capillary roads intact.

Judith Supine working on his installation.

Bushwick Densification Fantasy Map complete.

Bushwick Densification Fantasy Map detail.

English Kills opening, featuring aerial yoga dancers in front of my aerial map piece.

John in front of the ad hoc abandoned van / neo- flavin light installation.

Judith Supine installation complete.

Judith Supine installation detail.

Somebody got naked during the show.  Niki and I agreed that you could tell it was performance art because of the alway present video camera and everyone backing up 15 feet.

One of the artists hung a piano over the entrance to the gallery.

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