Liveblogging HOW WE DWELL

I have never liveblogged anything, but I always find them highly entertaining on Behold the following “live” updates of my progress at dwelling within Megan’s apartment [How We Dwell]:

9:00am – I can hear other people clinking silverwear. How close are they? I hope they like rocknroll, cuz Megan gave me some killer spearkers.
9:30am – Finished off one of Megan’s MUD coffee bags. The bag is designed to appeal to NYC LES hipster yuppies. What does that say about those who drink MUD? Find out soon…
9:40am – #2, I was full of it.
10:15am – My voice is really deep right now.
10:25am – This weather demands that I stay inside and “draw” all day.

11:07am – I promise to help re-wax your floor. 🙁
11:13am – I just heard the buzzer for the first time and discovered that Megan got some crap from
11:30am – The clock on the coffee maker says its 2:54. Megan was always ahead of her time.
11:31am – No fucking microwave? HIPPIE!!!!!
11:36am – Things on the floor: METAL HORSE
11:42am – Pulling it off the carpet makes a queer sound.
12:12pm – I have just wasted my allotted time on photobooth. Dwelling in vain…
12:21pm – Indie rock is boooriiing. Time for Leonard Cohen?
12:32pm – Things on the floor: small children’s chair upon which rests a Nike brand basketball. WHY?
12:38pm – Phase 1 out of 4 complete: MOVEMENT: proceed to grocery store and studio for more supplies.
2:10pm – Im back and flush with indulgent food items. I bought odwalla superfood, kettle chips, and a frozen pizza. Survival, by any means necessary.
2:33pm – This joyous afternoon calls for a little Wham!. If You Were There you would Wake Me Up Before You Go Go because we are on The Edge of Heaven so long as I’m Your Man.
2:40pm – Seriously? How did I get into this pop mess???
2:41pm – Megan’s computer screen is huge and proudly displays a desktop image of two cars jumping off ramps about to smash into each other. My laptop is much smaller and features a desktop image of the remains of a razed Florida motel. You Figure It Out.
3:05pm – Gray Matter RULES.
3:12pm – Phase 2 out of 4 complete: PRESENCE: proceed as planned.
4:15pm – Nap complete, try to be productive.
4:57pm – Colors and lines…sun setting…Greenday…
5:17pm – >>>>>>>>5:45pm – Internet is acting cwazy. Qwahyjei dwood…
6:17pm – Where are all my friends?
6:32pm – Phase 3 out of 4 complete: TOUCH: onward…
7:02pm – Time to bake a pizza. YAY
7:07pm – Megan has a bottle full of “positive energy”, which explains a lot about why she if so incredibly chill all the time.
7:08pm – That bottle of Posergy is right next to a bottle of “Cod Liver Oil”, which seems to contradict the aforementioned summation of her demeanor. I don’t know what to think of all this. This place is chock full of mind altering contradictions.
7:15pm – I will buy you a new mouse trap. IM SORRRYY/LOL!!!!
7:17pm – At least there was no flaming rodent corpse like last time.
8:16pm – I just ate an entire frozen pizza while watching Ghost Zane and Mozek. Dwelling rules.
8:17pm – I got that burning smell out of the apartment.
8:31pm – Everything is getting all zwiggly zwaggly…
8:55pm – I can hear the neighbors shouting. Nearing completion of Phase 4.
9:11pm – NEVER FORGET.
9:34pm – Phase 4 complete: SIGHT: [IM DONE!!!] Now time to do all my filthy dishes.
9:52pm – Ports are open, let the torrenting begin!
10:07pm – As I was doing the dishes, I perchanced to discover what appears to be Megan’s holographic Medieval Times cup. I wonder what sort of pleasure she derives from sipping a refreshing beverage out of a vessel adorned with the passionate and animated gestures of handsome knights hacking at each other with various swords, axes and javelins. I will leave you to ponder this tableau as I head over to the H&H building for a show at Floristree.
1:33am – LIVE BLORG 4EVER.
1:42am – Floristree was fun. I watched Lemonade for the first time and found myself completely impressed. They are kind of like a mix of Big A little a with Joy Division. Tightly rhythm powered and with freshly accented beats the San Fransisco band proved quite danceable. Now I am looking forward to another comfortable night sleeping here at the Dwell.
2:58am – As I get ready for bed I can’t help but feel like half of my audience is simply Megan. This space is so much her’s that one instinctively want to address her directly in response. Looking over this post, I realize that much of what I wrote was primarily directed towards her. Indeed, she is a prize audience – but knowing her sensibilities, Megan is not one to seek such focused attention. She would want this to be about me, but even in her absence she is inseparable from the dialectic. Making art within and about the situation of someone’s home is a unique condition. I am accustomed to addressing a broad and not entirely defined public, yet with this project I find myself more invested in Ms. Lavelle’s reaction. This is because I know that half of the psychic power of making art here will reverberate only between her and I, within this space, as separated by scheduled fragments of time. While I will have the other half of audience here on Thursday, I cannot help but anticipate their experience as only a shadow of how Megan might savor the gestalt of my chevron lines. Nonetheless I hope that my other friends will find intrigue, delight and wonder in what I have done, even if they one get to live it for a couple hours.
With that I bid you adieu. Goodnight.
10:46am – I woke to a contradiction in time. Computer versus alarm clock, who will win?
11:18am – Digital lies in progress.
11:59am – All done. See you on Thursday.

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