To playfully explore a thrilling urban sublime through drifting symbols of invisible sites; this is why I make art.

As an interventionist public artist, I am interested in the constructs, semiotics and contradictions of our everyday environment. Through urban analysis and research, I develop projects that test the boundaries of pedestrian agency, interpret the overlooked and banal, and investigate the negotiable nature of public space. Situated within disparate urban zones of overlap, rupture, ambiguity and interstice, my ongoing New Public Sites project addresses how lost spaces and overlooked features of the city are experienced at a pedestrian level. The project starts with a radically expanded understanding of civic space and proposes alternatives for representing and activating the potential for such under-recognized sites. Primary components of my work include outdoor architectural installations, observational videos on public space, interactive walking tours, and various fantastical and discursive maps. Whether marking paths for pedestrian trespassing, framing provocative city vistas, or encouraging participants to find poetic meaning in discrete urban moments, I always bring a sense of play and critical engagement to public space.

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Extended Artist Statement