Visionary Crosswalks Social Saturday @ Pocket Utopia, 4pm

Visionary Crosswalks Promo IT

Social Saturday at Pocket Utopia, May 24th, 4-6pm, come walk a visionary crosswalk

As part of Pocket Utopia’s ongoing “Social Saturday” series, I will screen video documentation of my interactive crosswalks on May 24th from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.

In addition I will also screen video and sound art by a few local artists featuring crosswalks and area street life; as well as entertaining internet clips dealing with crosswalks and pedestrian challenges.

The “Visionary Crosswalks Social Saturday” will be an opportunity to watch videos, hang-out, and foster discourse on the Bushwick pedestrian experience.

Pocket Utopia is an away-from center, off-center, exhibition, salon and social space run by artist Austin Thomas.

Hope to see you there,


Pocket Utopia
1037 Flushing Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Visionary Crosswalks public art interventions in Bushwick

The installations are up, check em out. PICTURES COMING SOON>>>

Visionary Crosswalks Promo front IT

Visionary Crosswalks Promo back IT

1037 Flushing Avenue
[Just off the Morgan L, Bushwick]
Open Saturdays and Sundays 12-6 p.m. and by appointment
Call: 917-400-3869
Pocket Utopia is pleased to present it’s second neighborhood public art project: Visionary Crosswalks by artist Graham Coreil-Allen. Presented in-situ, Visionary Crosswalks will be a series of interactive crosswalk installations throughout Bushwick.

Graham Coreil-Allen will create five temporary “crosswalks” demonstrating some of the casual paths that pedestrians take when navigating various intersections in the northwest section of Bushwick. Coreil-Allen will also install interactive posters around the crosswalk sites and other locations. The posters will consist of a neighborhood map with a detail of particular intersections, and will posit this question: “How did you get here?” and “How did you cross the street?”. Each map will also include a marking pen so that passers-by may answer the questions. Coreil-Allen will periodically collect these maps and use the participants responses as plans for installing additional crosswalks.

As part of Pocket Utopia’s ongoing “Social Saturday” series, Coreil-Allen will screen a video documenting the crosswalk footage on May 24th from 4:00 pm. The “Visionary Crosswalks Social Saturday” will be a fun and casual opportunity to watch videos, hang-out, and foster discourse on the pedestrian experience in Bushwick.

Interested participants can find maps and installation locations for Visionary Crosswalks at Pocket Utopia.

Pocket Utopia is an away-from center, off-center, exhibition, salon and social space run by artist Austin Thomas.

Pocket Utopia
1037 Flushing Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237
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City Views, Killer Art, and Fantastic Friends… whats new?


08 03 22 chelsea and union square penthouse view 03.JPG

22nd floor overlooking Union Square.

08 03 29 West Side new construction 01.JPG

Check out those pillars! Did Corbu come back from the dead?

08 04 02 Maggie suprise party plastic bunny 09.JPG

Surprise party for Maggie, featuring my home-made plastic bunny.

08 04 04 Cai-Guo Qiang at the Guggenheim 08.JPG

If you have not seen Qiang’s work at the Gugg, do it now.

08 04 05 Brooklyn rooftop skyline 09.JPG

This was a 40 second long exposure. I simply could not help myself.

08 04 05 Takashi Murakami at the Brooklyn Musuem 01.JPG

Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum. Another must see.

08 04 05 Mary Tryn Lacy Ed Calder Graham at Prospect Park 02.JPG

Friendship at Prospect Park. Sprang is here…


This will be the last blog I post using my old crappy laptop.  Here are my latest image sets on Flickr.



07 10 04 BIG models show at Storefront for Art and Architecture

07 10 05 the NYC Clown Parade

07 10 06 David Byrne presents bicycles

07 10 07-14 New Public Sites – Bushwick

07 10 14 Meghan Birthday party

07 10 16 Impose CMJ Party at Silent Barn

07 10 20 Islands and Aa at Continental Army Plaza

07 10 26 1Gay United Halloween Party

07 10 27 Saturday night Halloween in Bushwick

07 10 random October images

New Public Sites – Bushwick (new art!!!)

Public Sites – Bushwick

By Graham Coreil-Allen
October 7th – the future

New Public Sites – Bushwick, is a collection of four site-specific installations located in appropriated “public” spaces in Bushwick. The sites differ from traditional public spaces in that they are privately owned and have fallen into various forms of “disuse”. The installations consist primarily of subtle incursions of surveyors tape. Gestures of bright pink lines suggest possible paths or points of focus. Participants are invited to investigate each site with caution and curiosity. Explore at your own risk.

New Public Sites – Bushwick google map

Between Mckibben St., Bogart St., and Boerum St..
Entrance on Boerum, next to concrete plant.
“Rooms” marked in central field.

Rail road tracks between Morgan Ave. and New Town Creek.
Entrance on Morgan Ave., between Johnson Ave. and Meserole St., heading east.
Path suggested along tracks.

Between Myrtle Ave. and Dekalb Ave., South of Central Ave. M station.
Entrances on Myrtle Ave. and Dekalb Ave.
Trees tied together as pivoting point.

358 Grove St. parking lot, between Irving Ave. and Wyckoff Ave.
Elliptical track suggested.

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NYC Summer of Awesomeness is Over: VISUALIZED

So my NYC summer of art and music awesomeness if over, but I still have these images to remember it all by.  Suffice to say, it was completely fucking badass.  Please see the following:

07 08 31 Battles and Deerhunter Seaport 5
Battles and Deerhunter at the South Street Seaport

07 09 01 Final PS1 Warm Up 9
Final PS1 Warm Up Party

07 09 01 LIC deconstruction 5
LIC Deconstruction

07 09 08 Mike Nelson Old Essex Installation 15
Mike Nelson with Creative Time Old Essex Street Market Installation (hands the best installation I have ever seen period.)

07 09 08 Deitch Art Parade 2007 4
The 2007 Deitch Art Parade

07 09 16 The Yard Dan Deacon Show 9
Todd P’s Birthday show at The Yard featuring Dan Deacon (my favorite show of this summer!)


A couple of weeks ago I went to go see art metal noise makers Lightning Bolt at a Todd P show here in Bushwick.  I was with Mark, Maggie, and Meghan.  The space was an enormous, unused second story loft simply called “Above the Auto Parts Store”.  After a few local bands played, DMBQ took the stage.  These Japanese psychedelic acid metal rockers nearly showed up the headlining Providence duo Lightning Bolt.  DMBQ wore polyester shirts while noodling their way from one song to the next.  In true rock and roll form, they played with their teeth, climbed the stacks, and ended with an unexpected finale.  As they kept on extending the final song, the singer donned a monster mask and began transforming the drumset.  Piece by piece, he took the drumset away from the drummer and threw it all in the crowd for people to hold above their heads.  Within moments the drumset was reconfigured, and the drummer was crowd surfing.  Blowing our collective, sweaty minds, the drummer climbed on top of the crowd, sat down at his hand-elevated drumset and finished playing the song.  TRUE FUCKING STORY.  Then Lightning Bolt played.  You have to see it to believe it:  ENJOY!

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