SiteLines Success


Thank you all for making September’s SiteLines walking tours an empowering success of public space activation! Among four tours will nearly 100 participants, we collectively explored the thrilling Urban Sublime of Baltimore’s ever shifting invisible public spaces. We Crossed the Highway to Nowhere, climbed to an impressive, if damp, Reservoir Chill, mindfully Wandered Old Town Mall and indeed made Power Plant truly ALIVE! Stay tuned for an announcement in early 2015 about the forthcoming SiteLines web series culminating in a solo show on the west side of downtown.


Station North Ave Drift

Station North Avenue walking tours a drifting success

After gathering around the kiosk and handing out maps, we drifted through through the New Public Sites of North Avenue. Among four varied tours, one night, three day, three warm, one cold, we faced a perpendicular extreme, indulged retail adventure and climbed an enlightened elevation – all in the name of radical pedestrianism. Full project page here, more pictures at


2011 Updates to

Website updates – 2011 projects added! Check em out:

11 10 15 The Arcade Parade 47.jpg

New project galleries:

The Arcade Parade, openhousenewyork
Vistaflow Tower, Tinges Commons
New Public Sites – Drifting Monument, Pedestrian Service Exquisite / Transmodern
Urban Surface Map – campcamp Tapeway + Tri-Flags, Current Space / Transmodern
New Public Sites – Arlington Drift, Arlington Art Center

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Infinite freedom for the holiday season!

 – Graham

NPS-AD: Intrepid Walking Tour Drifts Through Arlington’s Invisible Sites

Thank you to everyone who joined me on the New Public Sites – Arlington Drift walking tour last Saturday. From undead condo projects to underground rivers, I learned a lot during our hour-long journey together. I hope you enjoyed seeing Ballston’s invisible sites as much as I did. May our floating zone of radical pedestrianism continue with infinite freedom.

11 03 06 NPS-AD Walking Tour 12.jpg

11 03 06 NPS-AD Walking Tour 01.jpg

11 03 06 NPS-AD Walking Tour 03.jpg

11 03 06 NPS-AD Walking Tour 04.jpg

11 03 06 NPS-AD Walking Tour 06.jpg

11 03 06 NPS-AD Walking Tour 07.jpg

11 03 06 NPS-AD Walking Tour 08.jpg

11 03 06 NPS-AD Walking Tour 09.jpg

11 03 06 NPS-AD Walking Tour 11.jpg

11 03 06 NPS-AD Walking Tour 13.jpg

11 03 06 NPS-AD Walking Tour 14.jpg

11 03 06 NPS-AD Walking Tour 15.jpg

11 03 06 NPS-AD Walking Tour 16.jpg

11 03 06 NPS-AD Walking Tour 17-1.jpg

11 03 06 NPS-AD Walking Tour 18-1.jpg

11 03 06 NPS-AD Walking Tour 19.jpg

11 03 06 NPS-AD Walking Tour 20.jpg

New Public Sites – Arlington Drift – Walking Tour this Saturday 3/5, 2pm

11 02 04 NPS-AD in ON THE ROAD at AAC 14.jpg

Join me on March 5th, 2011 as we explore a thrilling urban sublime while drifting through the liminal zones of Arlington’s Ballston neighborhood. The tour will feature twelve New Public Sites, including new types such as HVAC Exhaling, Skygate and Reflexive Moment. All participants get a free New Public Sites button and unlimited edition, color map.

General public tour starts at 2pm.
Childrens’s tour starts at 3pm.

Meet at Arlington Arts Center
3550 Wilson Blvd Arlington VA 22201

Arlington Arts Center
FEB 2 – APR 3, 2011

ON THE ROAD features artists who work in the world, away from gallery or studio environments, inviting unexpected encounters. Many of their projects are created in temporary residencies, and explore tourism, informal public spaces, and nomadic peoples.