March 07 antiwar march and josh visit

Fun March pictures from ther recent antiwar march and Josh’s visit to Brooklyn!!!

I couldn’t agree more.

Fun flags from the Latin American bloc at the UPAJ antiwar march.


Night shadows from a Williamsburg condo under construction.

Josh checking the internet at the 1Gay loft.

John, Joe, and Ben.

John and I sharing a special moment.

Josh practicing his state of coolness in front of the Manhattan skyline.

My Bushwick rooftop view of Manhattan.

see my installation this Saturday at English Kills Gallery in Bushwick!!!

I am presenting a huge neigbhorhood map installation at English Kills, a new gallery in Bushwick.   The opening party will be this Satuday, March 31st, from 8-12pm.  This will be the gallery’s inargural show, and will most definately be a lot of fun.  My installation will consist of a 30′ x 15′ map constructed out of surveyor’s tape applied directly to the wall.  The map is another one my my “fantasy” interpriations of my neighborhood, Bushwick.  This will be a group show, and we will be selling affordable prints of our works.  This will be my first explicit gallery show in NYC, and your support will mean a lot to me.  Much love to Kim for hooking me up with the gallery director.  Email me if you have any questions: detourne @

bike lock key vs too much information

So a couple months ago Gabrial lost the key to my u-lock.  Last week we finally sat down and ordered a replacement key from the Kryptonite website.  I told him my mailing address, and he filled out the online form.  However, it seems that the key ended up addressed to some other Graham…

02 07 – Jenny Baltimore, John Collage and NYC

Here are an assortment of photos I took during February, including my trip to Baltimore, John Duda’s incredible collage project, and a few of NYC.

Jenny / Baltimore

Ah, my beautiful Jenny – always a winner!

This a view of downtown Baltimore from Jenny’s regal bedroom.  She pays jaw-droppingly low rent for a roughly 1000 sqr ft bedroom and studio.  Bitch.

This is the “living room” at Jenny’s loft.  They had a really fun dance party in this space while I was there. 

The fragmented skin of Baltimore.

Baltimore on the move!

John Collage
The following three images are from John Duda’s recently completed collage book.  I will let him explain why he made such a beautiful object.  (that means comment a-hole).

NYC snow

Mulberry Street, Nolita – caked in snow, next to my work.  I found this scene beautiful, but ultimately not that fun – my skinny bike tires could not handle such conditions.

Lafayette Street, with all that beautiful snow turning into filthy, disgusting city-slurpee, ground cover.

YAY, the sun finally came out!  Here we have a remarkable piece of graffiti left on the big plaque leading up the Williamsburg Bridge.  This piece lasted an impressive TWO WEEKS before someone finally tagged over it.  Thats a hell of a long time for one a single piece of art to last on such a prime piece of visual real-estate.

Thats all for now.

<3 Graham

"Learning How To Make New Friends" opening reception, mack b – oct 6, 6-11pm

Hi everybody,

You are invited to “Learning How To Make New Friends“, the inaugural show at mack b gallery’s new project space.  The reception will run from 6-11pm, with live music starting at 9.  I will be showing a new installation, entitled “ Sarasota Densification Fantasy Map“.  Stop by and let me know how it goes!

Your friend,


Learning How To Make New Friends
mack b gallery
500 Tallevast Rd, suite B
Sarasota, FL 34243

The Colossal Squid Candy Cart at The Art Parade 2006!!!!

The Colossal Squid Candy Cart was an incredible success!  After working non-stop for two weeks leading up to the parade, everything came out as planned.  The squid looked great and worked perfectly, we got matching unitards, and I found super cheap candy to throw at the onlookers.  Most importantly, we all had fun.  I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to all of my friends who helped and participated: Ben, Gabrial, Kim, John, Bri, Robyn, and Sasha.  You were all wonderful.  Things that my friends did that made the project so successful:  a) Robyn helped me appropriate the shopping cart from Dome Hepot, b) Ben, Gabrial, Kim, John, and Bri let me use their space to build the damn thing, c) Ben and Gabrial helped me appropriate matching unitards from “US Clothing”,  d) John, Bri, and Gabrial helped push the beast from Bushwick to Soho, and back, with others walking alongside, and e) everyone litterally embodied the Colossal Squid in a candy tossing performance the likes of which have never been seen in New York.  Thank you all so much, I love you.   Now check out the pictures below!!!!

The Colossal Squid being assembled in front of the Bushwick loft.

Gabrial brought the tunes.  He is so dreamy.

John pushing the cart.

We made it over the Williamsburg bridge!

John considers his next career move as others tinkle in Starbucks.

The Squid waiting patiently along West Broadway.

Mr. Squid gets some attention from the camera.

Fischerspooner (a mere two projects away from the Squid) preparing for their incredible parade performance.  We could not have dreamed of a better soundtrack.


Me and the Tentacles, a true family portrait.

Tentacles waiting for the parade to start.

Other parade participants could not help but worship the ever regal Bri.

Being a tentacle takes a lot of concentration.

We were staged right next to all these “naked” cyclist ladies.

They tried to fight the Colossal Squid.

These people did not hire me, but thats okay because I got a much higher paying job.

The Squid breaks loose!,  AAAAUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tentacles spread.

Intimate parade scale.

Me, happy.

Me, directing where we should park the Squid for the street party.

Where do we go?

Family portrait #2, the aftershot.

And then at the after party, one of the Wal-Mart “workers” danced with a huge, pink-cammo, inflatable bear.

I am in this week’s VILLAGE VOICE

This week the Village Voice is featuring a spread of pictures entitled “Bands and Bikinis at McCarren Park Pool” (see the upper left-hand menu). Yours truly can be seen on the upper left hand corner of page 48.  I was singled out for my red flag.  I brought the marker so that friends of mine could pick me out of the crowd during July 30th pool party, featuring Enon and Of Montreal.  July 31st was my birthday, and I designated the pool party as my official birthday acknowledgement gathering.

See if you can pic out where I am in the pictures below:

Colossal Squid Cand Cart at the 2006 Art Parade!

For the 2006 Art Parade, sponsered by Deitch and CreativeTime, I submitted a proposal for what I have named the ‘COLOSSAL SQUID CANDY CART’. Recently I learned that my idea has been accepted. I basically have my seven volunteers (tentacles) lined up, but I still need help collecting plastic bags. 

If you live in NYC and you have grocery bags, give them to me! Save as many as you can, and I will collect them from you. I need them to put flesh on my squid. Write me an email: