project management and conceptual art

My new title at E.R. Butler is Assistant Project Manager.  While such a title does little justice to the finer points of why I am getting paid, it does point one to the general field in which I work: “project management”.  Basically I coordinate various little small events such as item-schedules, invoices, patination, and shipment, so that everyone is happy, gets what they want, and we make money.  At first glance this may sound rather boring, however I am quickly learning that the synchronization of events, objects, and ideas is indeed quite interesting.  I would argue that when considered aesthetically*, project management, in both its abstract and tactile forms, is not unlike the more theoretical branches of conceptual art.  Just today, an esteemed friend, and a project manager working in a completely different field, pointed me towards a thread posted on artist/statistician Edward Tufte’s website

Visualization of project management

Visualization of conceptual art (by Sol)

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