Meet my new bike, GRAHAM!

So for the past 6 months or so, I have been patiently working on building up my new, ultimate dream bike.  The story is long and winding, but here is what you need to know.  My dear Blake High School cohort, Zach hooked me up with an all elliptical tubing Panasonic track frame made some time in the early 80s.  He could not find anything like it in the Panasonic history, and certain clues suggest it was most likely a custom frame built for a racer sponsered by the company.  A few months later, Zach also hooked me up with a very affordable powdercoat job.  Trackstar was doing a custom run of limited edition 80s era BMX themed track bikes, and I got to informally throw my frame into the batch.  I went with seafoam green, and was very please with how it turned out.  Over a period of 3-4 more months I patient collected the various components that I would need to not only complete my dream bike, but also make it undeniably beatiful.  The last thing I needed were the rear spokes.  I finally got them last Friday, and built up the rear wheel on Saturday.  Now it is my utmost pleasure to introduce to my newest and coolest bike: Graham.  Thats right, I named my bike after me.  BEHOLD!

I am Leo, and it is only fitting that my bike be branded with the Trackstar lion logo.  I spent a lot of time modifying the NOS Shimano BMX mini brake lever to get to fit around my Nitto drops.  Thanks for the Dremel tool, Dad!

All shots taken in the empty lot next door to my bedroom.  Noe that I chose to use a Deep-V rim on the rear wheel and an Aerohead rim on the front.  This was both for aesthetics and strength matching. 

Note the custom lugging detail on the Benotto fork.  That was a very nice touch, brought to you by Brad and his Girlfriend.  I think that this nicely compliments the gold Chris King headset, which literally and aesthetically functions as the ‘crown’ of my dream bike.

Yes, I must point out that I got a WHITE CHAIN TO MATCH MY WHITE RIMS!

My wheelset features Zip hubs and Velocity rims, hand built by yours truly.

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