Bushwick Art Parade and Public Showcase, June 2nd, joing us!

Hi Everyone,

As you may or may not know, I am coordinating this years BOS Art Parade. I want to have as many participants as possible, and I would love to hear about your ideas. Below you will find our ‘Call to Artists’ and parade staging details. Basically anything goes for this event, so long as everything stays legal. Feel free to involve as many people as you want in the parade. Please let me know what you plan on doing and how many will be involved. In addition, if you know anyone else who may have suitable work/projects/performances for the parade, forward them the ‘call to artists’ below. This event is totally free.



(aka the official “Grand Marshal”)*

*no, I’m serious, this is a permitted parade, and that is my title with the police.




Join the Bushwick Art Parade and Public Showcase! We are looking for artists, performers, musicians, and anyone else interested in reclaiming the streets and sharing our creativity with the neighborhood.

On Saturday, June 2, 2007, starting at 11:30 am, B.O.S. will be holding the Bushwick Art Parade and Public Showcase. The parade will start at Mckibben Street, between Bushwick Avenue and White Street, and wind its way down to Maria Hernandez Park. At the park we will present an assortment of fun public activities, such as games, installation, music and theater. We are looking for local artists, performers, musicians, and anyone else interested to join us. Eccentric costumes, colorful flags, spectacular floats, unheard of sound, and unthinkable drama â?? we want it all. Anything is possible (almost). If you have an idea, and you can make it happen by June 2nd, tell us about it! The event will stage at 10:30 am, and conclude at approximately 1:30 pm. The parade is completely free and all entries will be accepted. Proposals need to be in a soon as possible to be included on the free promotional parade map.

Parade and Public Showcase Coordinator

Graham Coreil-Allen

parade@artsinbushwick.org ..”return>



The parade will stage at 10:30am on June 2nd along Mckibben Street, between Mckibben Court and White Street. SEE MAP HERE. If please call me if you find yourself running significantly late, my cell number is 917 683 5922. When you get to the staging area please look for our check in table next to Potion Cafe. At the check in table myself or a BOS parade volunteer will give you a placement number. This number will indicate you position in the parade. For projects that are time based and or interactive, this number will merely indicate your beginning position. The parade will begin promptly at 11:30am and make its way to Maria Hernandez Park.

Be advised that this is a permitted parade, meaning we will have a police detail. With that in mind, lets try to keep everything legal. The escort will most likely consisting of one patrol car and two cops on scooters. The exact route has yet to be finalized. I will update you with the final parade route sometime soon.

The parade will culminate with our Public Showcase at Maria Hernandez Park. SEE MAP HERE. Feel free to plan on fun, interactive activities that will be suitable for the park, such as performances, games for children, public art making, temporary installations, etc.. Please let me know before hand if you plan on doing something for the public showcase.

Parade and Public Showcase Coordinator

Graham Coreil-Allen


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