NYC Summer of Awesomeness is Over: VISUALIZED

So my NYC summer of art and music awesomeness if over, but I still have these images to remember it all by.  Suffice to say, it was completely fucking badass.  Please see the following:

07 08 31 Battles and Deerhunter Seaport 5
Battles and Deerhunter at the South Street Seaport

07 09 01 Final PS1 Warm Up 9
Final PS1 Warm Up Party

07 09 01 LIC deconstruction 5
LIC Deconstruction

07 09 08 Mike Nelson Old Essex Installation 15
Mike Nelson with Creative Time Old Essex Street Market Installation (hands the best installation I have ever seen period.)

07 09 08 Deitch Art Parade 2007 4
The 2007 Deitch Art Parade

07 09 16 The Yard Dan Deacon Show 9
Todd P’s Birthday show at The Yard featuring Dan Deacon (my favorite show of this summer!)

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