City Views, Killer Art, and Fantastic Friends… whats new?


08 03 22 chelsea and union square penthouse view 03.JPG

22nd floor overlooking Union Square.

08 03 29 West Side new construction 01.JPG

Check out those pillars! Did Corbu come back from the dead?

08 04 02 Maggie suprise party plastic bunny 09.JPG

Surprise party for Maggie, featuring my home-made plastic bunny.

08 04 04 Cai-Guo Qiang at the Guggenheim 08.JPG

If you have not seen Qiang’s work at the Gugg, do it now.

08 04 05 Brooklyn rooftop skyline 09.JPG

This was a 40 second long exposure. I simply could not help myself.

08 04 05 Takashi Murakami at the Brooklyn Musuem 01.JPG

Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum. Another must see.

08 04 05 Mary Tryn Lacy Ed Calder Graham at Prospect Park 02.JPG

Friendship at Prospect Park. Sprang is here…

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