How We Dwell

I will be participating in How We Dwell on March 7th and 8th. The project is a part of an ongoing series within artist and designer Megan Lavelle’s apartment.

In her own words:

“Every other weekend for the next three months a new artist will move into my apartment and produce an installation based on their experience within the space. They will contemplate my space, my four walls, my existence as well as their own. Just as my objects spew information out to them, they in turn, push back and continue the conversation with me and my space. … The goal here is to re-evaluate how we interpret each other’s idiosyncrasies, habits, as well as how we define our space as “home”. Basically – how we dwell.”

As an artist typically working in the public realm, I am excited to see what happens when I apply my techniques of spatial analysis, mapping and intervention to a space of intimate domesticity.

The opening reception will be on March 12, from 7-9pm at 2625 St. Paul Street Baltimore, MD. Hope to see you there.

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