09 08 13 Grahamland Globe.jpg

Many years ago a friend of mine brought his globe to my house to show me something he had noticed. He turned the globe over and pointed to the Antarctic peninsula labeled as “Graham Land”. Thrilled with this discovery, I vowed to one day own such a globe for myself. Over the years I tried my best to find such a globe, only to realize most globes listed the Antarctic peninsula as some bullshit called “Palmer Land”. It seemed to me that the modern world cartographers had agreed on no longer using my namesake for the area. However recently, to my delight, I happened to notice that my fellow graduate student Catherine O’Connell had a small globe stowed on a shelf in her studio. As we visited the other day I asked if I could examine and the globe, and to my ecstatic dismay I found that this rare sphere featured the proper name for that frozen tendril, GRAHAM LAND. Recognizing my excitement, Catherine was kind enough to gift the globe to your truly.

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