Graham Coreil-Allen facilitating Citizen Artist Baltimore listening session


Graham Projects works with diverse communities on creating change at the block, neighborhood, and city level through organizing, advocacy and direct action. We recognize that the best neighborhoods experts are the people who create places through their everyday social bonds and personal leadership. Graham Projects listens to and works with grassroots organizers to address the strengths and needs of communities. Be it through a walking tour, visioning session, neighborhood cleanup, or petition drive, we feed partnership power into collective strength while redefining and celebrating people and places. 

Civic Engagement strategies include:

  • Participatory walking tours that identify, promote, and activate public space
  • Public event organizing: planning, promotion, logistics, and management
  • Facilitating community meetings, workshops, and visioning sessions
  • Face-to-face and online calls-to-action and petition drives

Event Organizing

From our early days of organizing Critical Mass bike rides in New Orleans to more recent endeavors such as staging our public walking tours, we’ve always taken pride in an ability to plan a fun, memorable and meaningful events. Graham Projects collaborates with team members at all levels on envisioning the design and scope of an event, laying out an action plan, pushing maximum marketing impact through print and digital media, working with vendors to keep everything under budget and providing on-site direction ensuring that everything runs smoothly. With years of organizing for the public good and working in the event industry, we bring a plethora of media, catering, music, installation, design and entertainment contacts.

Example events:

  • Get out the vote registration drives
  • Community parades
  • Art exhibits
  • Block parties
  • Petition drives
  • Public art projects
  • Free speech gatherings
  • Open studio tours
  • Group bicycle rides
  • Public concerts
  • Community picnics

Contact Making your next campaign, action and/or gathering an amazing, impactful and unforgettable experience.