The 26th Street Agility Trail consisted of a colorful array of foot-based games stenciled on the sidewalk for kids to play while walking to the nearby Margaret Brent Elementary and Middle School. Activities included hopscotch, side-step, jump bars, and animal tracks. Around the corner, the Guildford Bridge Vista Bench provides residents with a place to sit and watch trains going by in the tunnel below. A kinetic array of blue, yellow and pink lines on the sidewalk evoke the train tracks below while leading participants from adjacent residential blocks to the vista bench. Both projects were created in collaboration with residents and local youth.

The ideas for public art enhancing pedestrian safety and play along 26th Street came out of community workshops facilitated by the Neighborhood Design Center in early 2018. Through the workshops residents generated ideas for making 26th Street safer for pedestrians. The Harwood Community Association secured a Spruce Up grant from the Central Baltimore Partnership to fund the pedestrian safety public art.

November 2018 update: Due to the partial collapse of the adjacent retaining wall, the 26th Street Agility has been demolished. The Vista Bench is still available for use. Graham Projects and neighbors hope to repaint the agility trail after reconstruction of the retaining wall and sidewalk are complete.