Artist, designer and curator Megan Lavelle invited me to participate in her yearlong relational art project How We Dwell. Lavelle writes:

“Every other weekend for the next three months a new artist will move into my apartment and produce an installation based on their experience within the space. They will contemplate my space, my four walls, my existence as well as their own. Just as my objects spew information out to them, they in turn, push back and continue the conversation with me and my space.”

During my stay at Megan’s apartment I made a tape map of how I physically interacted with the space. Blue, red and yellow lines connoted the interaction of feet, hands and eyes within the domestic space. I live-blogged the min-residency and later on Megan would write her take on the space in her own How We Dwell blog.

Liveblogging How We Dwell

‘Tape Invasion’ on How We Dwell