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“NPS-WT-Trans” was my first in a series of walking tours that focus on various invisible sites and overlooked features of two discrete urban contexts. I set up my kiosk as a meeting point for participants and wore a self-appointed tour guide uniform. The Pedestrian Service Exquisite was a group show of interactive urban installation and performance art at the annual Transmodern arts festival in Baltimore.

For the Transmodern PSE tours I set up my NPS-Kiosk as a meeting point and led people through a path starting at Franklin Street, continuing along three blocks of Jasper Street, turning west on President Street and culminating at the grassy triangle where St Mary and Paca Streets intersect. The walk covered an urban transect ranging from barren industrial, to intimate residential, and finally to a ghostly presence of negative space. Along the way I charted a trajectory including a hanging block, empty signifiers, the transition between two voids (parking lots), accumulated horizontals, that which tells us nothing, and finally a daffodil filled triangle where all that remained was just us. Overall I hoped to string participants through a series of increasingly ephemeral sites that culminated at a traffic triangle that poignantly staged us in front a low-lying vista of the park to our south.

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