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I developed New Public Sites – Add-Art for the group show, Double Act, curated by my friend and collaborator Tobey Albright. The show took place through Add-Art, a Firefox plug-in extension that replaces online advertisements with art. My collection of online advertisements were derived from some of the ideas featured in my ongoing field guide / manifesto, The Typology of New Public Sites. The terms and images are meant to evoke various types of invisible public space commonly experienced in our everyday sub/urban environs.

On Double Act: The Huslter and the Carer

“The Hustler refers to the form of reciprocity in which a product or service is being presented (for sale) to a potential user (based upon analytics culled from taste-expressing consumers). A great example of this kind of reciprocity is the virtual context—the ad spaces—in which Add-Art operates (i.e. The Banner Ad Surrogate). In contrast, The Carer refers to a form of reciprocity in which personal requests for intimate communication are offered as a form of support. These requests are typically not associated with economic transactions but rather a reciprocity of attention.” – Tobey Albright, Curator

Tobey Albright & Friends