Public art concept design by Falon-Graham-Land-Art (FGLA) for the Maryland Transportation Administration’s Baltimore Red Line Art-In-Transit program.

Collaborator: Falon Mihalic of Falon Land Studio

Taking inspiration from the histories, people and places of Baltimore’s Poppleton neighborhood, FGLA proposed Poppleton Paths, an immersive map guiding transit participants from platform to place. The project proposal combines large, brightly lit iconic symbols with colorful walkways leading transit users from the Red Line station mezzanine towards their neighborhood’s most significant sites. The inspiration for Poppleton Paths came from our experience walking the neighborhood and seeing embedded footprints and handwriting in patched and newly-poured concrete sidewalks. Deliberately made by residents over the decades, the acts of physically marking the ground traces personal histories of place. Neighborhood symbols and descriptive text were to be developed by residents and workers during placemaking workshops.

Poppleton Paths is a visually striking, walkable map that accomplishes three goals: embraces community-based symbolism, highlights pedestrian movement through color and references the local watershed with integrated drainage structures.

Click here to download proposal overview pdf.

Poppleton Paths overview