Sign Language opens Thursday night!

sign language exhibition

I have piece in the Sign Language show opening Thursday night at the Whole Gallery. My project consists of flags from a previous project, Distribution Pit Liberation, that I installed in Bushwick in June of 2008. This latest project is a reiteration of two of the original flags from the distribution pit site, now entitled, Distribution Pit Liberation Non-Site.

sign language exhibition

Sign Language
June 17th-July 19th
Opening reception Thursday, June 17th, 7-9pm
The Whole Gallery
H and H Building, 3rd Floor
405 W. Franklin St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Specter Polis at the Creative Alliance

Specter Polis Howard St Asphalting

Howard St Asphalting

Opening this Friday at the Creative Alliance, Specter Polis is a collection of short videos focusing on arresting moments of the spectacular sublime as they quietly arise within invisible corners of the city. Videos such as, Natty Boh Utz Girl Billboard Wafting Destruction, Baltimore Heavy Metal Scrap Yard, and Walking on Plastic Reeds capture urban movement, veracity, force, and uncanny calm.

On view May 7- Jun 18
Screening and Artist Talk Thu May 27,
7pm in CAmm Media Lab
Creative Alliance
3134 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD 21224
More info here.

New Public Sites – T/MBX

New Public Sites Typology Middle Branch Crossing

New Public Sites Typology Middle Branch Crossing


Please join me for my MFA thesis show and events, New Public Sites – T/MBX,

April 23rd – May 2nd.
The Typology of New Public Sites (NPS-T) and New Public Sites – Middle Branch Crossing (NPS-MBX) are two interrelated investigations into the invisible sites and overlooked features of our everyday environment. Serving as both field guide and manifesto, NPS-T organizes these liminal public spaces and pedestrian experiences into a system of sites, components and qualities, indexed and described through architectural and poetic terms and definitions. Putting this typological language into action, NPS-MBX explores Baltimore’s spectacular southern gateway – the Middle Branch, a majestic amalgam of voids, lost spaces, paths, pauses and vistas.Opening reception Friday, April 23rd, 5-7pm
Maryland Institute College of Art – Fox Building
1303 Mount Royal Ave, Baltimore, MD 21217
Gallery talk Wednesday, April 28, 1-3pm.

Participants are invited to explore the Middle Branch Crossing through three modes of transit: car, bicycle and light rail. Sweeping back and forth across the I-95/I-395 interchange, the car tour will provide breathtaking zoomscapes of the water below and city beyond. At a slower pace, the bicycle tour will navigate sites of pause south of the stadium, before joining the Gwynns Falls Trail as it skirts the vistas of the Middle Branch’s western shore. Heading farther south, the light rail tour will glide over fluid dynamics and unseen fields before culminating in an excursion of radical pedestrianism.Free NPS-Button and copy of The Typology of New Public Sites for all intrepid participants!

Car – Sat/Apr.24, 2pm
Bicycle – Wed/Apr.28, 3:30pm
Light Rail – Sat/May.1, 2pm

New Public Sites Middle Branch Crossing tours

The Typology of New Public Sites in production

Typology of New Public Sites jacket preview

Typology of New Public Sites jacket preview

Finally, after many months of site analysis, spatial writing, poetic musing and endless layout work, my manifesto on Radical Pedestrianism/”field guide to invisible public space”, The Typology of New Public Sites, is finally off in production at Lulu. This was basically the last day I had to get the book uploaded to ensure that it would definitely arrive before my thesis show opens. From my introductory essay on the book:

The Typology of New Public Sites consists of sites, components and qualities indexed and described through terms and definitions both invented and appropriated. The typology not only represents a system of classification, but also a linguistic intervention. Drawing from the fields of architecture and urban planning, the appropriated terms and definitions are repurposed with complete sincerity. In some instances the definitions for these lifted terms remain unchanged, while in others they are altered, recombined or entirely rewritten. Through invented and appropriated language, this reference book/manifesto challenges the authority of how public space is typically represented.

The book will be free to anyone who goes on one of my forthcoming tours. Stay tuned for more details and here are a few teaser pages to whet your appetite….

Typology of New Public Sites organization preview Typology of New Public Sites voids preview Typology of New Public Sites paths preview Typology of New Public Sites psychic preview

Anarchy in the Kitchen / NPS-VT-TC

On Friday, March 5th, my latest video performance, New Public Sites – Video Tour – Tinges Commons, will premiere at “Anarchy in the Kitchen,” a Webcast/gastro-performance event featuring work by DC and Baltimore artists. The group show will stream live over the Internet as part of the NYC-based Umami Food and Arts Festival while being simultaneously screened at Eyebeam, The Non Stop Institute of Yellow Springs, Squeaky Wheel, and Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture at UMBC. Please join us for a local viewing party at the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture, at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County at 7:00 p.m.

“Anarchy in the Kitchen” brings together a diverse group of artists who engage in acts of culinary chaos that interrogate the intersection of edibility and aesthetics, technology and cuisine, and prose and produce. From human sausage grinders and battery-powered lemons to shopping cart gardens and text message meals, “Anarchy in the Kitchen” questions notions of digestibility, consumption, and good taste in our daily interactions with the food system.

“Anarchy in the Kitchen” is curated by Laura McGough and features performances, videos, and sound works by Graham Coreil-Allen, Steve Bradley, Bradley Chriss, Adam Good, Carolina Mayorga, Lisa Moren, Rebecca Nagle, Tim Nohe, Natalia Panfile, Casey Smith, and Shannon Young. An iPhone version of the Webcast will be available for download on March 5th via the Umami website at:

This is a free event! The Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture is located in the Fine Arts Building. Parking is available in the lots located behind the Fine Arts Building.

UMBC Fine Arts Building on Google Maps
UMBC Campus Maps

Upon its premiere at Anarchy in the Kitchen, New Public Site – Video Tour – Tinges Commons will exist in two forms, one narrated and the other performed. The narrated version already exists on the internet and consists of my voice-over led video tour. For the performed version, I wore my NPS tour guide uniform as my body was superimposed on top of the video tour. This latter video was my first experiment using the weatherman-like, green-screened performance technique. More details later…

HOMEWORKS / Mirkwood Estates at CCBC Dundalk Gallery

Homeworks Mirkwood Estates Tinges Commons install

Homeworks Mirkwood Estates Tinges Commons install

Please join us at the CCBC Dundalk Gallery for the opening reception of Homeworks, a group show featuring a full-scale, interactive installation by Mirkwood Estates alongside works by well-known local artists Megan Lavelle and Hugh Pocock. In the words of curator Jessica Walton:

Homeworks” explores the use of domestic space as a site-specific medium for artistic practice. Artists in the show install, create, perform, and grow works in and around their living space. In this way the work is part performance, part collaboration, part installation, and part daily domestic experience.

The opening reception will take place on Friday, February 19th, from 6-8pm at the CCBC Dundalk Gallery. In the spirit of Mirkwood, the opening will feature three live performances by musicians Andy Hayleck, Bethany Dinsick and Owen Gardner.
CCBC Dundalk Gallery
K Building
Homeworks will run through March 19, 2010.

USM-Sine in Easter Rabbit at the Hexagon

My latest new public tape installation USM-Sine is up for Joseph Young’s book release party/performance/art show at the Hexagon. Joe asked me to interpret the following story from his new book, Easter Rabbit:

A white line, across the cement, under the park, through the door, faint and hardly there, to its red center.

I responded with two white lines leading from Charles Street, down the sidewalk, and into the gallery where they continue to intersect before concluding at a red spot.
The show will be up until January 3rd, check it out!

Click here to see more documentation of the installation.

1825 North Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Press Release below…

Easter Rabbit by Joseph Young

The Hexagon and Publishing Genius Press present: Easter Rabbit Book Release Party and More Than Words gallery exhibition.
December 12th, 2009 to January 3, 2010.
Opening Reception and Release Party: December 12 starting at 7pm

Baltimore author Joseph Young is celebrating the release of his book of microfictions, Easter Rabbit, by bringing together a diverse team of musicians, performers, and visual artists to add their vision to the book’s stories.

Easter Rabbit, published by local small press Publishing Genius, comprises 86 extremely short stories, with some stories as short as 17 words. At the release party, a team of actors will dramatize several of the stories, while a group of painters and other artists will show work inspired by the book. Local band Sweatpants will be on hand to play music composed especially for the event.

Artists included in the exhibition are Lauren Boilini, Graham Coreil-Allen, Kathy Fahey, Luca DiPierro, Paul Jeanes, Magnolia Laurie, and Easter Rabbit cover artist Christine Sajecki. Actors are Linda Franklin and Caleb Stine, directed by Nancy Murray. Sweatpants is Adam Robinson, Jamie Gaughran-Perez, and David NeSmith.

USM-Escape Vines in the Axis Alley show opens Oct 18

USM EscapeVines

USM EscapeVines

Urban Surface Map – EscapeVines
2108 N. Calvert Street, rear facade
Axis Alley
2014-2214 N. Calvert Street
October 18th, 2009 – April 2010

Opening October 18th, 2009, 2-6pm

Please join me for the opening of my latest public project, Urban Surface Map – EscapeVines in conjunction with the Axis Alley public art show on Sunday, October 18th from 2-6pm. USM-EscapeVines is an angular network of colorful lines that playfully follow the path of the fire escape as they mimic the ascendant vines growing up the rear facade of 2108 N. Calvert Street. Participants who climb the fire escape will be welcomed with a close-up of the installation as well as fantastic views of the cityscape!

Urban Surface Map – EscapeVines, October 2009, Baltimore, MD. Variable dimensions, inverted marking paint along fire escape. Installation view.

Click here for full documentation of the installation.

Axis Alley card back Axis Alley card front