The Typology of New Public Sites and New Public Sites - Middle Branch Crossing are two interrelated investigations into the invisible sites and overlooked features of our everyday environment.
Beyond a raven stadium and above the Westport light rail station lies a majestic collection of public spaces around the northwestern tip of the Patapsco River's Middle Branch. Here a transit network spans a waterfront amalgam of voids, lost spaces, paths, pauses and vistas. Traversed by floating zones and directional flow, this spectacular gateway to Baltimore reveals a shimmering parallax of invisible sites. Participants are invited to explore the Middle Branch Crossing through three free tours: car, bicycle and light rail.
Car Tour - Saturday, April 24th - 2pm
Duration: 1.5-2 hours, Rain date - Sunday, April 25th - 2pm
Participants should try to carpool before hand. Drivers park around 1515 Mount Royal Avenue and meet at the Kiosk in Cohen Plaza. A caravan will be staged along Malster Avenue between Mosher and McMechen Streets. Walkie Talkies and maps will be provided.
Bicycle Tour - Wednesday, April 28th - 3:30pm
Duration: 1.5-2 hours, Distance: 8 miles
Rain date - Thursday, April 29th - 3:30pm
A modestly paced, group bike ride open to all types of cyclists. Meet at the Kiosk in Cohen Plaza and wear a helmet!
Light Rail Tour - Saturday, May 1st - 2pm
Duration: 1.5-2 hours, Rain date - Sunday, May 2nd - 2pm
Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring $3.20 for round trip train fare. Meet at the Kiosk in Cohen Plaza.
The Typology of New Public Sites organizes the invisible public spaces of our everyday environment into a system of sites, components and qualities, indexed and described through terms and definitions. The field guide not only represents a system of classification, but also a playful yet serious linguistic intervention into the discourse of architecture and planning. Through invented and appropriated language, this reference book / manifesto poetically challenges the authority of how public space is represented.