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Serving People & Places

Graham Projects makes cities more inclusive and livable through public art, placemaking, and civic engagement. Building on his background in public art, urban design, and advocacy, Graham Coreil-Allen and his team produce participatory projects and lead social initiatives in the service of pedestrians and places. Some call it creative placemaking, others tactical urbanism. We call it public art for the common good.

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Our Process

► You present the place challenge
► We propose creative solutions
► You share feedback
► We make place happen!

Let’s Make Place Happen!

Collington Square Oak Wisdom preview

Collington Square Oak Wisdom



  • Curbside Commons Harford & Rosekemp Midblock Crosswalk

    2020 proved to be an unprecedented year of COVID-19 challenges and innovations for Graham Projects. From these challenges arose new opportunities for remote creative collaboration and physically distancing activations of public space. We are proud and appreciative of having so many amazing partners who continue to help us improve cities through public art and civic […]

  • 99 Percent Invisible City Book

    I’m excited to share that New Public Sites has once again been featured by the producers of hit radio show 99 Percent Invisible. Back in 2012 99pi senior producer Sam Greenspan and host Roman Mars featured this work in episode #60, Names vs The Nothing. Eight years later we are honored to have our New […]

  • Graham Projects Curblet Commons

    Graham Projects is excited to announce that out of over 160 submissions, we are one of ten teams selected by the Neighborhood Design Center to contribute work to the forthcoming Design For Distancing Guidebook. Our Curblet Commons design kit transforms an on-street parking lane into an accessible, safe, and inviting pedestrian space.