The We Love Towanda public project art features traffic calming and wayfinding along the football field at the Towanda Recreation Center in West Baltimore. The pick up / drop off zone, prideful street mural, upcycled planters, and parking wayfinding signs beautifies the neighborhood, celebrates the values of the community and football league, and improves parking management and pedestrian access for residents. The artwork incorporates recycled tires collected by residents during neighborhood cleanups. The colorful design is based on input from long term resident leaders of the Towanda Neighborhood Association as well as drawings created by local youths during a game day pop-up event.

Project partners: Towanda Neighborhood Association, resident Joi Dabney (TNA Secretary), Grind Hard Football League, Baltimore City DOT

Production Team: Graham Coreil-Allen, Melvin Jadulang, Mar Braxton, Lydia Milano, Zoe Roane-Hopkins, Lidia Milano, and Towanda residents