Graham Coreil-Allen facilitating Citizen Artist Baltimore listening session


Successful public spaces are shaped by the policies and practices of our local governments, companies, and nonprofits. When a place needs more than just public art and placemaking to succeed it’s time for community action. Graham Projects works with diverse stakeholders to affect change at the block, neighborhood, and city level. Public artist Graham Coreil-Allen and his team support local leaders on addressing the strengths and needs of communities through sensitive engagement and creative communications. Be it through listening sessions, community walks, storytelling campaigns, or public events, we work to ensure that those in power are serving the people and their places

Project Case Study: Lake2Lake Rayobello


  • Facilitating public meetings, listening sessions, and visioning exercises
  • Leading participatory community walks
  • Public event organizing: planning, promotion, logistics, and management
  • In-person and online calls-to-action and petition drives
  • Public actions generating sympathetic media coverage
  • Targeted outreach to influential community members, reporters, and public figures

Design & Communications

  • Campaign visual identity design, including logos and style guides
  • Website development and consulting
  • Writing: press releases, copywriting, and editing
  • Social media consulting, development, content creation, and metrics
  • Event promotion: print and online calendars, social media events pages, and poster design
  • Photography, video, and audio production

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