Placemaking is a collaborative effort to improve public spaces through participatory planning, physical improvements, and creative programming. Graham Projects recognizes that neighbors are the true experts on public space. This is why our process starts with conversations in the community. In order to Make Place Happen, we listen to a diverse array of partners. From residents and workers to elected officials and developers, public artist Graham Coreil-Allen and his team work closely with local stakeholders to strengthen their places. Our process entails identifying local assets and challenges, collectively reimagining the possibilities of public space, making creative improvements, organizing inclusive events, and evaluating outcomes.

Project Case Study: D4D Curbside Commons


  • Creative community walks
  • Art-based asset mapping
  • Interactive visioning sessions
  • Participatory design workshops
  • Strategic planning
  • Neighborhood event organizing
  • Evaluating outcomes with observational studies and narrative surveys

Tactical Urbanism

  • Site-specific public art
  • Practical traffic calming installations
  • Creative public seating and shade structures
  • Community bulletin boards
  • Sustainable planters
  • Distinctive wayfinding and signage

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