Graham Projects creates public art for pedestrian safety and play. Public artist Graham Coreil-Allen and team bring creative vision and public space experience, listen to and work closely with stakeholders, conduct in-depth research, and develop creative solutions for successful public spaces. Some call it creative placemaking, others tactical urbanism. We call it public art for the common good.

Graham Projects specializes in pedestrian-safety-enhancing artistic crosswalks and pavement murals, interactive installations activating street life, landmark sculptures anchoring place, and solar-powered light art.

Project Case Study: Seasonal Turn

Community-based design process

Graham Projects prioritizes a community-informed process in which stakeholders provide guidance and inspiration for impactful public art. Based on public input our team develops a range of design options that we share at community meetings and online. Using public feedback, we adapt designs to community preferences. Graham Projects then works closely with city agencies and property owners to secure all necessary approvals and permits to safely and seamlessly execute public art installation.

Project Management

  • Developing design options based on community input
  • Improving a design based on public feedback
  • Facilitating requisite municipal approvals and agreements
  • Coordinating traffic calming improvements
  • Pulling all necessary permits
  • Executing artwork installation
  • Providing professional documentation

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