The Monumental City is played by giants among many – the business person, the bird, the worker and you. Hopscotch Crosswalk Colossus is an intersection of four oversized hopscotch-court-crosswalks, each featuring a quintessential Baltimore path-print. Featuring the shoe, the bird track, the boot and the footprint, the project is a monument to the people who populate the Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment District and make Baltimore The Greatest City in America.

North Side: The Shoe
The Towering Businessperson skips east approaching downtown skyscrapers. 

East Side: The Bird Track
The Superbird Champion hops south heading to Camden Yards and The Raven’s Walk. 

South Side: The Boot
Wobbling west The Worker passes through a former garment district built by labor. 

West Side: The Footprint
The Hippie Artist bounces north with abandon towards lofty digs in the Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment District.

The Hopscotch Crosswalk Colossus is one of three sets of artist-designed crosswalks made possible by Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts for the Bromo Seltzer Arts & Entertainment District.

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