The Sew to Harvest Trail plaza mural in Homewood, Pittsburgh features agriculture and cultural symbols embedded along a green “agility trail”, including jump bars, hopscotch, balance walk, and tip-toe dots, weaving through a colorful field of fabric-like pattern. The alley mural’s woven threads of color and symbols represent unity, history, diversity and culture. Anchoring the accessibility ramp is the Adinkra “Akoma” symbol representing patience, tolerance, love, and faithfulness. These symbols serve as educational tools for community members and visitors. In developing the artworks, collaborators Iandry Randriamandroso and Graham Coreil-Allen were inspired by the many programs that Bible Center Church offers local residents through its community center, The Oasis. Understanding that the community is composed of diverse members, the artwork designs integrate rich, interlocking emblems. If a community is fabric then its members are the unique threads strongly knit.

Lead artists: Graham Coreil-Allen & Iandry Randriamandroso

Project partners: Bible Center Church, The Oasis Project, Studio Volcy, Siplast

Installation team: Graham Coreil-Allen, Iandry Randriamandroso, Juliandra Jones / PBJ Customs, and Marlana Adele Vassar