Seasonal Turn is a traffic calming intervention and street art installation enhancing pedestrian safety and representing the seasonal changes and diversity of Baltimore’s Reservoir Hill neighborhood. The design was inspired by community input safely shared amidst the COVID-19 pandemic through the Graham Projects online drawing tool COLORoW, remote community meetings, and an online survey. The array of colors and angled lines extending onto adjacent sidewalks conjure branches and roots, evoking the plant life of the adjacent Whitelock Farm and the ever-growing strength of community life in Reservoir Hill. The artwork is set within curb extensions, or “bump outs”, marked by traffic striping and flex posts. Bump outs increase the visibility of pedestrians to passing cars while shortening the crosswalk distance in which pedestrians are at risk. The brightly colored artwork further enhances pedestrian safety by drawing the attention of motorists to crossing pedestrians. The project was initiated and funded by the Reservoir Hill Improvement Council in response to past studies of neighborhood walkability and residents requesting traffic calming and beautification at the intersection.

Project partners: Reservoir Hill Improvement Council, Maryland Institute College of Art

Installation team: Graham Coreil-Allen, Q Batts, Vilde Ulset, Stephanie Baker, Iandry Randriamandroso, Ellie Burg, community volunteers

Project Case Study: Seasonal Turn