Vistaflow opens Sunday, July 10th, 4-7pm

Tinges Commons Vistaflow
Tinges Commons Vistaflow

Marking the grand opening of its new water/watch tower, Tinges Commons announces, “Vistaflow”, a permanent social sculpture by Joshua Wade Smith and Graham Coreil-Allen and temporary painting installation by Ryan Neely.

July 10 – August 27, 2010
Tinges Commons

Opening reception and garden party
July 10th, 4:00 – 7:00pm
Rain date: July 17th, 4:00 – 7:00pm

June 24, 2011 – Tinges Commons presents Vistaflow, a combination water and watchtower by sculptors Joshua Wade Smith and Graham Coreil-Allen and kiosk painting installation by artist Ryan Neely. Constructed entirely of reclaimed materials, the elevated platform and cistern will feed a gravity-fed, garden irrigation system while serving as public observation deck and hangout spot. Participants are invited to climb, stand, sit and relax on the site-specific, pedestrian furniture while enjoying a ceremonial demonstration of the new watering system. Meanwhile, the adjacent Kiosk will feature a wrap-around painting of geometric abstraction derived from the tower architecture and surrounding public space. Food from the garden will be served and all are welcome.

Tinges Commons at Mirkwood Estates is a community garden and collaborative public art space located on the southeast corner of 33rd and Frisby Streets in Waverly. The site of organic interaction is sponsored by the Better Waverly Community Organization, Greater Homewood Community Corporation, Parks and People, John Hopkins University and Charm City Cakes.

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