The Allover Eyes traffic calming mural helps East Baltimore’s Oliver neighborhood achieve its long standing goals of beautification and improving pedestrian safety at the historically dangerous intersection of Biddle and Bond Streets. The pavement art design embeds a youthful eye emitting bands of joyful colors in all directions. From each bump out oculus grows concentric rings of yellow, turquoise, sky, and indigo blue while the purple pupils project bands of violet, teal, yellow, and blue across the adjacent sidewalks. This artwork is directly inspired by the work of one young local artist who when asked about her vision of art crosswalks responded by drawing an eye projecting a rainbow.

Allover Eyes was created with the Oliver Action Team with support from ReBUILD Metro, the Oliver Community Association, and Baltimore City DOT.

Production team: Graham Coreil-Allen, Mar Braxton, JaVon Townsend, Ky Rashaan, Nicole Buchholz, Melvin Jadulang, Isabelle Conover, Zoe Roane-Hopkins