At the invitation of Central Baltimore Partnership, Graham Projects designed and installed sidewalk art and outdoor seating to beautify and activate the sidewalk in front of Motor House art center on Baltimore’s North Avenue. Sun Pool casts tropical sunset colors from the entrance to Showroom through the adjacent sidewalk dining area. The sidewalk pavement art features concentric bands of purple, blue, and teal reverberating from orange rays of warmth. A golden semicircle at the center evokes both a sun and the tasty empanadas served inside. Moveable tables, chairs, and stationary planters provide outdoor dining and comfort for people to enjoy food from The Empanada Lady restaurant.  

Sun Pool was developed based on input from stakeholders, including Motor House staff and artists, Showroom resident chef Elisa Milan of The Empanada Lady, and Central Baltimore Partnership. The project was funded by Central Baltimore Partnership as part of their mission to support commercial revitalization along the historic corridor and within the Station North Arts District.

Production team: Graham Coreil-Allen, Mar Braxton, Kylee McDaniel, Mike Smith (Geveko)