The Unity Tracks Barrier Art extends the colorful symbols of unity, local culture, and healthy food from the adjacent “Unity Tracks” traffic calming art crosswalks as blue, red, orange, and yellow vinyl cut pattern decorating the rows of water-filled barriers that protect pedestrians at the Govans Farmers Market. The artwork features bright colors suggested by the community, bird tracks that resonate with other public art in the neighborhood, and symbols invoking healthy food and local culture. Embedded emblems include a peace sign, star, carrot, collard leaf, and several Andinkra symbols: Sankofa, Duafe (comb), Woforo Dua Pa A (square), Akoma (heart), and Dono (drum). The barrier art was inspired by community input collected in collaboration with the York Road Partnership as part of the original Unity Tracks art crosswalk design process that took place in early 2021.

Click here to learn more about original Unity Tracks traffic calming public art project:

Installation team: Graham Coreil-Allen, Mowgli, Mar Braxton, Q Batts