Tinges Commons Kiosk preview

Tings Commons Kiosk birds eye

The Tinges Commons Kiosk, or TCK, will be a sign structure and pin-up board for artists setting up outdoor installations and public users interested in distributing information. The kiosk’s three sides will each address separate but overlapping traffic flows: The narrow side will face the Frisby Street sidewalk and be clad in homasote for people to pin up neighborhood flyers. Meanwhile, the south side will face the diagonal path cutting through the commons while the north and widest side will face 33rd Street. These two longer sides will serve as installation surfaces for artists setting up projects in the lot. With this curatorial/community structure, I hope to create an enhanced site of public art, collaboration and neighborhood communication. Info on the first show soon to follow…

Tings Commons Kiosk birds eye Tings Commons Kiosk elevation Tings Commons Kiosk elevation 2 Tings Commons Kiosk above

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