Quilted Crossing is part of Hyattsville’s Street Art Pilot project designed to beautify streets with art and define traffic & pedestrian right of ways. Taking inspiration from the vibrant local fibers community, the asphalt art design is based on the classic “log cabin” quilt pattern, as suggested by a nextdoor neighbor and voted on by the community. This design features bold rectangular blocks that weave around the center of the intersection filled with a vibrant spectrum of colors that symbolically represent Hyattsville’s celebrated diversity. 

Toole Design engineered the traffic calming enhancements at the intersection; including the high visibility crosswalks, bicycle sharrow markings, speed humps, and flashing stop signs.

Shortly after installation, the artwork was vandalized by a hate-motivated individual who sought to destroy a work that evokes LGBTQ+ pride. Thanks to the quick action of the immediate community, the suspect was arrested. Recognizing the importance of this artwork for pedestrian safety and community pride, Graham Projects worked with the Hyattsville Department of Public Works to quickly remove the spray paint, allowing neighbors to once again enjoy its beauty as they navigate the intersection on foot, bicycles, scooters, and cars.

In support of the community, Graham Projects and the City of Hyattsville also hosted a community paint day where residents volunteered their time to help extend the queer-inclusive sidewalk art in all directions. This display of unity showcased the unwavering dedication of Hyattsville to their residents in preserving the beauty and maintaining the vibrancy of its public spaces, sending a powerful message of resilience and solidarity. Graham Projects shares the values of Hyattsville and celebrates its cultural diversity and local LGBTQ+ voices. 

Production Team: Graham Coreil-Allen, Melvin Jadulang, Mar Braxton, Kirsten Pamfilis, Q Batts, Kylee McDaniel, Zoe Roane-Hopkins

Drone photos by the City of Hyattsville.