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On Friday, March 5th, my latest video performance, New Public Sites – Video Tour – Tinges Commons, will premiere at “Anarchy in the Kitchen,” a Webcast/gastro-performance event featuring work by DC and Baltimore artists. The group show will stream live over the Internet as part of the NYC-based Umami Food and Arts Festival while being simultaneously screened at Eyebeam, The Non Stop Institute of Yellow Springs, Squeaky Wheel, and Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture at UMBC. Please join us for a local viewing party at the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture, at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County at 7:00 p.m.

“Anarchy in the Kitchen” brings together a diverse group of artists who engage in acts of culinary chaos that interrogate the intersection of edibility and aesthetics, technology and cuisine, and prose and produce. From human sausage grinders and battery-powered lemons to shopping cart gardens and text message meals, “Anarchy in the Kitchen” questions notions of digestibility, consumption, and good taste in our daily interactions with the food system.

“Anarchy in the Kitchen” is curated by Laura McGough and features performances, videos, and sound works by Graham Coreil-Allen, Steve Bradley, Bradley Chriss, Adam Good, Carolina Mayorga, Lisa Moren, Rebecca Nagle, Tim Nohe, Natalia Panfile, Casey Smith, and Shannon Young. An iPhone version of the Webcast will be available for download on March 5th via the Umami website at:

This is a free event! The Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture is located in the Fine Arts Building. Parking is available in the lots located behind the Fine Arts Building.

UMBC Fine Arts Building on Google Maps
UMBC Campus Maps

Upon its premiere at Anarchy in the Kitchen, New Public Site – Video Tour – Tinges Commons will exist in two forms, one narrated and the other performed. The narrated version already exists on the internet and consists of my voice-over led video tour. For the performed version, I wore my NPS tour guide uniform as my body was superimposed on top of the video tour. This latter video was my first experiment using the weatherman-like, green-screened performance technique. More details later…

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