The Typology of New Public Sites in production

Finally, after many months of site analysis, spatial writing, poetic musing and endless layout work, my manifesto on Radical Pedestrianism/”field guide to invisible public space”, The Typology of New Public Sites, is finally off in production at Lulu. This was basically the last day I had to get the book uploaded to ensure that it would definitely arrive before my thesis show opens. From my introductory essay on the book:

The Typology of New Public Sites consists of sites, components and qualities indexed and described through terms and definitions both invented and appropriated. The typology not only represents a system of classification, but also a linguistic intervention. Drawing from the fields of architecture and urban planning, the appropriated terms and definitions are repurposed with complete sincerity. In some instances the definitions for these lifted terms remain unchanged, while in others they are altered, recombined or entirely rewritten. Through invented and appropriated language, this reference book/manifesto challenges the authority of how public space is typically represented.

The book will be free to anyone who goes on one of my forthcoming tours. Stay tuned for more details and here are a few teaser pages to whet your appetite….

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