The Psychedelic Beaver Lodge Sweet 27 parklet pavement mural highlights the pedestrian path protected by the traffic calming bump out at the corner of 27th and Howard Streets in the Remington neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. The artwork was designed in collaboration with local artist Alicia Puglionesi and is inspired by the interwoven branches of beaver lodges that could once be found in the nearby Jones Falls waterway. Co-owner of the adjacent Sweet 27 restaurant Suraj Bhatt provided input on the bright colors. The vivid, naturalistic marks evoke overlapping sprigs and boughs used by Beavers to construct their dams and nests. The mural enhances pedestrian safety by highlighting where residents on foot and wheelchair have the right of way as they approach the corner crosswalks.

Beaver Lodge, photo by Ian Shackleford, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The pre-existing bump out, or curb extension, is made with line striping, flex posts, water-filled barriers, and planters. This traffic calming feature was created by the local neighborhood organization, Greater Remington Improvement Association (GRIA). The bump out serves several purposes: it slows down turning cars by creating a tighter corner, reduces crosswalk distances, and opens up sightlines for drivers and pedestrians navigating the intersection. Previously the bump out was filled with a boardwalk that enabled pedestrians to walk around a public access outdoor dining area next to Sweet 27. In 2022 a car driver destroyed the community-funded boardwalk. GRIA introduced a curb ramp and reached out to Graham Projects with the opportunity to to improve the space with a mural.

Graham Projects leveraged this pavement art opportunity to lead a paid training session for our newer public art installation team members using extra street coating products in our inventory. GRIA generously provided funding for the training session.