The North Ave Bolt temporary wayfinding art project energized the sidewalk in front of the North Avenue Market building with a 650’ overlapping set of lightning-bolt-like orange and pink lines that playfully ricocheted down the sidewalk. The project was commissioned by the Central Baltimore Partnership to help lead visitors to various pop-up shops and galleries along the block during Baltimore’s annual Artscape festival. Angled corners and yellow-highlighted areas pointed pedestrians to sites of interest, such as creative pop-up businesses and galleries in the historic market building as well as the former Ynot Lot public space turned beer garden. Four 11’ x 10’ pink and yellow “NORTH AVENUE” stenciled markers anchored each end of the block and wayfinding trail starting points along the adjacent Maryland Avenue and Charles Street. In order to make a large impact at a relatively low cost, Graham Projects used traffic-rated spray chalk for this shorter-term festival street activation. Thousands of Artscape visitors followed the energetic walking lines as they explored a lively North Avenue.

The “North Avenue” stencil marker was based on the Station North logo designed by Sarah Tomko.

Production Team: Graham Coreil-Allen, Melvin Jadulang, Mar Braxton, and Nicole Buchholz.